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If the monthly free stock is not interesting for you, or you have a thing for a particular photo, please read below:

IF you like my  facebook page

Then send a private message over there (on facebook page) just saying the name of the stock that you would like to get without watermarks.  Then I'll write your name down on an excel spreadsheet and once I have reached 300 likes I'll do a random draw and contact the person that was elected at random by the computer or an innocent hand to send the original file*.

So please, remember, for your chance to win, send message, otherwise I won't have  a name to put, and I won't know if you liked it because you want a free picture or just randomly liked it. The winner, if it is for a creative purpose he wants the picture.

For any truly fans out there who have already liked my page, please like 5 other pictures or content on my page on a row for your chance to win a free stock of your choice, if you liked five or more, then even more chances, I'll count only in bunches of consecutive five clicks. I do appreciate people's support, and I love to show it... so please after new five consecutive "likes" send a comment with the picture you would like to win. I'll do a different draw especifically for that people. Of course the more likes from the same person, the more their name will appear on the final draw, as I'll add everyone over 5 likes on there, and of course the more times your name is on that list the more chances you are to win it. 

Thanks so much, please don't go mad on it either.... but some support is highly appreciated.

Rules and information that apply to this promotion and the monthly stock


 * Prohibitions:

- You won't be able to sell it or re-distribute as it is anywhere else.

- I would be entitled to get a digital copy of the original without watermark

- If you want it only for private use, that's ok, but please understand that it's an unedited work, and blemishes and all aren't retouched.


** Rights:

- You'll be able to use the picture for your work and sell prints and downloads of your finished work

- You'll be able to share it somewhere else as long as a link to my stock or my facebook page is nearby



SF01 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Why not.
PzychoStock Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Professional Photographer
:)... My time for their time!:D
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Submitted on
November 27, 2013