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Now... RULES:

-  Credit me in the description of your work
-  Comment on the original picture (or send private note to :iconpzychonoir: if comments are disabled) 
-  With this stock you will be able to sell prints or downloads of your finished work "on demand" 
please read terms and conditions before downloading
-  This stock shall not be used as part or as a whole for sexual explicit or any offensive content. 
-  This stock shall not be used as part or as a whole for sex gender change, no animal looking morphs allowed with it either!  - Please, above all, BE CREATIVE, but not that much! :)
-  If you want to use it for something that I haven't thought of, please let me know in advance.
-  Even if you purchased the stock, you're not allowed to sell or distribute the sold image as "it is". 
-  For book covers or other commercial work, please note me.
-  If you experience any problems downloading, like the original not attached, please note me inmediately so I can solve the issue as soon as possible, I try to be focused but some errors may occur when loading or attaching the file.

A great big thanks to everyone who purchases and uses my stock, it makes me extremely happy that you get inspired by it and that it allows you to express your creativity. So far DA keeps purchasers anonymous, if you want to let me know that you bought it, please be more than welcome to note me or comment so on the image below, as believe me, I really love to be thankful to those who spend their hard earned cash or points investing on their future artistic skills working with my image or simply on my work. 

If you're not earning anything out of your works, and you'll just want to work on it, please note me, if I really like the kind of work you're into, there is a chance I may want to collaborate, please note me with the creative ideas you have for it, and show me an example, and I will be more than happy to considerate it, and reply if I agree.


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November 27, 2013


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