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Yes... my work these days is mainly exclusive stock only, please read negatives and positives of it, before you decide:


- Warranty that is mine, and nobody else's work. So you won't be done for model copyright issues after spending countless hours working on it. (I’ve read it happens a fair few times on these cheap cold stock selling pages, and the runners of the pages won’t give your money back if that happens, they say they’re not to be blamed, as they ask each user to be responsible to load only original work)

 - Your works will be more original than average, as not many people would purchase the same work. And my stock is not that popular either.

 - After each purchase, I raise slightly the price of the original stock, this way I discourage future photomanipulators to purchase that specific same one. It's my way to stay faithful to those artists that believed in the value of my work.

 - I'll feature your work on my facebook page, I don't have that many followers yet, but it's still a chance to get more views to it.

 - It's really not that expensive, think of what you can do 5$ a day, or less, as the conversion to my currency it's not that great, and then think I only sell 6 a week on the luckiest week ever... and about 1 every two weeks on average.

 - You can sell premium contents of your work with my stock, and prints on demand of your work, also share it on webpages as long as you credit me as model.

 - I've seen complaints of people not being able to remember where did they get the stock from, so from now onwards I'll do the extra work of changing all the files on my and add my nickname so you can always remember the source, just make sure that when you download it you don't change the name of the file.  For the new works I'll try to add it at the bottom of each picture too, whenever I Remember.

 - If you don't have points on DA, but you're really interested in purchasing and using my work, send me your paypal address via private note, if no paypal address,  just send me your e-mail address so I can request payment via paypal, but you won't need a paypal account, for that you would only need a credit or debit card. As this involves further work for me, the price may go a bit higher than the normal stock price, but I have to make the most of my time these days!



 - You have to purchase the Premium Content Download.

- Prices vary from one to other, so some amount of time you might have to use to find one that suits your needs and your economy.  However if you're not in a hurry I would encourage you to read the journal below about the free stock.

- Pose references and drawing inspiration should be paid too, as unfortunately I don't live from air, and to be of inspiration means to do a lot of varied poses and post-processing to keep my work and stock varied, and I think that's a lot of work that people don't appreciate. However, please note me if you wish to use it as a reference for drawing or paintings and how would you use it, if I truly like your work I'll contact you back and agree on something. Or please read on here, to win a chance of getting it for free   Free Stock?If the monthly free stock is not interesting for you, or you have a thing for a particular photo, please read below:
IF you like my  facebook page
Then send a private message over there (on facebook page) just saying the name of the stock that you would like to get without watermarks.  Then I'll write your name down on an excel spreadsheet and once I have reached 300 likes I'll do a random draw and contact the person that was elected at random by the computer or an innocent hand to send the original file*.
So please, remember, for your chance to win, send message, otherwise I won't have  a name to put, and I won't know if you liked it because you want a free picture or just randomly liked it. The winner, if it is for a creative purpose he wants the picture.
For any truly fans out there who have already liked my page, please like 5 other pictures or content o

Reasons why I charge more than the average stock:

I am the model and photographer of all of 99% of my stock, so it is already probably double the work than any of those stocks you might be able to purchase on istock photos, and so on.

I do offer personal treat, or not at all, depends on how you want it. If you just want to get your picture and work with it, you can purchase it anonymously, as DA doesn’t tell me who buys it anyway, so end of story. Or you could be friendly and in the long run even get me to do sessions that I know you may want.

I do need inspiration to load, and I don’t number my images, so it all takes time to find a nice song to go along with my picture, sometimes I just get inspired without music, and sometimes I may use twice or three or even four photos for the same song, but still, it’s not only a stock photo, and it's not only a number, for the careful people out there who dare to check my links,  I try to provide some background to it, and if you are into dark music, rock or synthpop, chances are that you discover a new band you may like, or also, you might just get inspired by the lyrics of the songs or the tune to create some work with that and my stock. Mind sometimes I share guilty pleasure songs too... which are no dark at all!:D

Because I don’t have money I can’t buy awesome photography tools that would make my work much easier and quicker and get  100% accurate sharp shots straight away, nor well lit, nor well exposed, as I don’t have a studio, no flash lights, so I have to go slowly slowly to obtain what a professional can get from a model in a couple of clicks. So with help of your money I will be able to buy a better body camera sometime soon and provide even better quality stock at some point. For that I still need a bit more of cash. As I don’t have money I have to put make up myself and all that, so yes, it’s a lot more work to do just by myself, but I enjoy doing it, and I can’t complain I’m being somewhat successful at it.

And well, so I had to value my time and my work, because I have to survive on something, though at the moment, most of that money goes to purchase props for photos, or have it as a back-up just in case my computer or my camera died….


And well, I doubt anyone would read this to the end, and if you did, thanks so much for doing so! :D  


hentaigrandfather Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
Lo primero, de nada :lol:

Un consejo, y no es que me importe, pero este tipo de mensajes, digamos "importantes", yo optaria por ponerlo en varios idiomas... si, se que aqui todo el mundo es bilingue y que los traductores estan a la orden del dia, pero a la gente hay que darle muchas veces facilidades, incluso con lo que tienen que leer, y en las traducciones se pierden a veces los sentidos de algunas palabras. Si te es posible, piensa que ponerlo en un par de idiomas, tu que eres multiidiomas, al final te seria mas positivo.

Dicho esto, al resto de tus palabras solo te puedo decir :nod:
PzychoStock Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Professional Photographer
Sí, debería pero al final el que más o el que menos de algo se entera en inglés, si ya está en todas partes, pero además lo hice con buya, igualmente estoy segura que paisanos míos no me compran fotos, no es cosa de españoles, no me preguntes por qué... jajjaja será porque todos mis clientes han sido ingleses y americanos, italianos y alemanes, franceses y no sé, me da que un español no estaría interesado en comprar fotos así por internet, prueba de ello, tú, o cualquier otro español o sudamericano que me siga y diga que es mi fan number one, pero sin embargo ni se les ocurre eso de pagar por fotografías, puede que sea porque somos pobres en comparación con el resto del mundo, a saber!:D  
hentaigrandfather Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Mientras se entere quien tiene que enterarse, perfecto :)

Tengo un amigo que me hace mucha gracia, se descarga todos los dias un monton de series de tv para ver gratis sin pagarle nada a nadie. Un dia le dio por hacer un blog y lo segundo que hizo (lo primero fue abrilo, claro :lol:) fue poner una opcion para que la gente donara para que valoraran y siguiera haciendo nuevas entradas. Lo mas divertido de todo esto fue a las semanas verlo y me comento "es que la gente no valora el trabajo que hace la gente en internet" mientras el seguia descargandose sus series favoritas sin importarle el tema de los derechos de autor y todo ese rollo :p

Yo creo que los españoles tenemos muy desarrollados el sentido de la picaresca, que tambien es cierto que el dinero no nos sobra y que no entendemos que el trabajo de los demas hay que saber apreciarlo, respetarlo y ayudar. De esta tema tengo algo mas que decir, pero no pega aqui y lo reservo para otra contestacion.

¡Y que no me entere yo que hay otro por ahi diciendo que es tu fan numero uno o tomare medidas! Billy the Puppet Emoticon 
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